Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming

R gaming is becoming a reality in the online gambling industry. It is gradually progressing and significantly changing the face of the gambling industry. Although it has not yet proliferated, it is expected that many online casinos will embrace the adoption of VR gaming in the near future.  VR-enabled casinos provide gamers an experience that looks as though they are playing in a real land-based casino. All they need is their VR devices, making them enjoy online games as never before. A significant number of casinos are likely to adopt this technology as it will improve online gaming interactivity and provide gamers with an immersive experience.  One estimate projects that by 2023, $250 billion will be generated from VR gambling.

The gaming on Casino Sites is about to change, thanks to Virtual Reality. This technology has had a massive impact on online casinos, transforming them into gaming platforms with interactive and immersive experiences for gamers.

Although online and social gaming platforms have been around for years and can boast of loyal customer bases, Virtual Reality casinos are about overthrowing them and reducing their customers drastically.

This article will preview the Virtual Reality technology and its impact on the iGambling and iGaming industries. For a start, it is predicted that by 2023, nearly $520 billion will be invested in the industry through betting, a whopping 800% increase over 2020.

What is a Virtual Reality Casino?
There are two types of casinos. These are real money casinos and entertainment casinos. In the former, gamers play to win cash while players entertain themselves with roulette wheel, slots, or card games without any hope of monetary reward for their efforts, even if they win. With advancing technology, gaming platforms have been elevated to 3D from 2D recently, although that is still far from true realism.

The Virtual Reality technology, through virtual reality casinos, gives players the real-life gaming experience they desire. With a VR headset and a compatible iGambling platform, players can experience an interactive casino experience similar to the experience at a traditional casino center.

Here is a list of 3D game tables with features such as ability to interact with other players and live dealer:

In-Game Chats
On this platform, players can sit in the lounge and converse with players from across the globe or have a drink at a bar. The developers of VR platforms are creating close-to-reality experiences, including the ability to light a cigarette and smoke during a game.

The Games
The Virtual Reality casino industry is yet to mature. Nevertheless, the casinos can boast of some impressive games. With the potential for rapid growth, these are the most popular virtual casinos at the moment:

Lucky VR developed SlotsMillion, a platform that is the perfect representation of VR casino innovation. The platform is not for card games lovers. Rather, it is equipped with a game room and over 40 slot machines. A skyscraper accommodates the game room on its 80th floor. If you have no fear of height, you can check the city out while leaning against the building’s window. At your leisure time away from the game, you can have a drink at the casino’s bar or sit in the lounge.

You can play for real money on the casino while its customer support team is available 24/7 to provide needed assistance. Players on Oculus Rift can play SlotsMillion for VR immersion and Windows.

Casino VR Poker
Casino VR Poker features realistic full-body players and detailed interface. Developed in Switzerland, the casino includes a spatial voice chatting and six Texas Hold’em poker tables. It is a cross-platform gaming site that runs perfectly well on Gear VR or Oculus Rift.

The entertainment-only gaming site offers players some free chips at the start of a game. They can replenish the free chops through winning hands or an in-app purchase. However, players can’t cash the chips since the casino is for entertainment only.

The Gear
Casino VR Poker is another gaming platform supported by Oculus Rift. For optimum performance, the gaming site requires a gaming PC. The Google Daydream is an affordable VR headset that is compatible with Android smartphones.  Casino VR Poker is currently on experimentation because it isn’t compatible on both game sites.

You don’t need VR gear to use most VR casinos. Nevertheless, you won’t have access to the exciting features of these gaming platforms without it, although you can use the platform’s “3D” version.

VR Casinos are designed to give players a similar experience to brick-and-mortar casinos. The increasing number of gamers-turned-gamblers will necessitate creating non-traditional casinos to meet up with the needs of these gamers.

Recently, US casinos are investing heavily in VR gaming sites. It is expected that these casinos will invest in VR casinos as well while not denying gamers the natural experience of a traditional casino.

AppReal-VR has introduced its BetOnVR team, an experienced VR Gambling environment developer. The environment will expectedly simulate real-life experience by taking advantage of Virtual reality. Hence, players can play Blackjack, Slots, and Roulette, among other casino games.

Virtual reality casinos are promising and have the potential to be lucrative. Investors from across the globe are leveraging the opportunity to invest in this casino type as the online casino industry is expected to reach $2.85 billion by the end of 2020.

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